Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Justino the Security Guard

Justino The Security Guard

WALT:  Write Justino's diary/journal - maybe he shares his innermost thoughts here - about his loneliness and what he would like to do with his life instead.

Thinking Questions:

  • Do you think Justino likes his job?         
  • Do you think he lives on his own? How does he feel?                                                                                   
  • Why does the director continuously show us the alarm clock at 22:00
  • What do his coworkers think about the mannequins? Do they all feel the same?
  • Which of his co workers is the boss? (any clues?)
  • Who do you think put Justino's name on the list?

Dear Diary Day 1

Today I woke up at 10:00pm I then put on my blue security shirt and badge. I then wrapped my lovely red scarf around my neck. On the way to work my friend Bob slept on me. He was very tired. I then walked up the stairs to work. on the way down the elevator I thought how happy my friends are. It made me feel sad. My mood lightened up though when I saw the maine cans. I looked at a picture of my friends partying. It made me smile. I took a picture with the maine cans to copy them. I had a good day.

Dear Diary Day 2

Today I woke up same time as yesterday and played some soccer with the maine cans.That made me feel really good. The Maine cans were stopping the ball really well and I couldn't get in past them. I then drove back home in my security guard costume and went to bed for the morning.

Dear Diary Day 3

I went to work at 10:00 pm today like I always do and decided today I would help my friends. I watered the flowers for them and made them some cake. I then decorated the Maine Can which made everybody laugh. I also made the maine cans do dance moves. Then I put the Christmas tree up put the maine cans in dominoes. Someone then knocked the over. and lit up my Christmas tree out of lights and maine cans making the tree light up. It made me feel good that I was making my friends happy.
Dear Diary Day 4
Today I went to work happy and cheerful. I then found a picture of one of my work mates winning the lottery. It made me think where I was going with my own life. When I got down the elevator I saw a ticket Lottery waiting for me held by a maine can. It was my work mates one. I took it and saw that my workmates had thrown a party for me. I was happy that my friends thought of me. But sad that they had happy lives and didn't need the lottery ticket. I was still grateful of course but disappointed I didn't have a happy life.

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