Friday, November 27, 2015

Narrative writing

Geri’s Game

It was a warm autumn day in the remote park and the leaves were falling off the tall trees. There was a table and one old man with hair as white as a snow. and eyes browner than brown, and skin as wrinkly as a screwed up piece of paper and very large glasses.

Geri placed down his old chess pieces on the newly painted green table. He put on his clear and rounded glasses on over his long pointy nose. He took a look at the board. He then stood up and slowly walked to the opposite side of the Table. With a ha he placed a pawn on the other side of the table. With a frown on his nearly bald head he limped across to the other side of the table and once more pushed his chair in and looked at the old board again.

Moving another piece he stepped up again and moved to the other side of the table. He kept doing this until one side only had there King left the other side of geri smiled in delight. Just as the about to win Geri said checkmate the other Geri fall of his chair and faked his death.

Just as the winning Geri looked away. The other Geri turned the chess board and was now winning. when the now losing Geri saw no way of the Other Geri winning and finishing the game he laughed in his own face. Then the other Geri saw a way of winning and with a final ha he finished the game. With cute eyes he looked at his non existent mirror image. The version Geri that lost handed over what he was playing for. A pair of false teeth. Geri laughed over and over with his false teeth.

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