Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dogo News

Legendary Nazi Treasure Train

LI:  I will select and use a range of processing and comprehension strategies with growing understanding and confidence.


Select three words that are in the vocabulary section. Write a definition (in your own words) and put the new vocabulary into a sentence.

1. Plausible- Plausible means acceptable or believable. Did you Plausible him
2. Valiant- Valiant means brave. You be Valiant out in the dark
3. Whereabouts-A question that you ask when you don’t know where someone is. Whereabouts are you?

Article Comprehension

  1. Why did the Germans fill the train with gold? Where was it headed to? What happened?
The Germans filled the train with gold so they could hide it and demand a share of the treasure.
The train was heading to Berlin but changed root and moved to some tunnels underground in Germany.

  1. Where do Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter believe the train is? What helped them locate it? What evidence do the two have?
Piotr and Andreas believe the train is under the Ksiaz castle in a tunnel. A railway map helped them find the train. They have evidence of a radar map that there was a train 80-feet down in the rubble.

  1. Why are Polish officials reluctant to begin excavation right away? Who has benefited the most from this news?
They are reluctant because they could hurt the people in the area because the train is buried in rubble and they could collapse the ground and make the ground come down. This news benefited Europe as they now know where the treasure lay.

Critical Thinking Challenge

If the treasure is ever found who should it belong to - the people who unearth it or those it was stolen from? Why?
I think if the treasure was ever found it should return to the people it was stolen from as it was there’s in the first place.

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