Thursday, September 10, 2015

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Ice Cream

LI:  I will select and uses a range of processing and comprehension strategies with growing understanding and confidence.

Skimming & Scanning
Who: Cait MacPhee, the leader of the non-melting ice cream society.
When: Scientists revealed the news on August 31 2015.
Where: Scientists have been researching this from the Universities  and Dundee.
What: They are creating a type of ice-cream that doesn't melt (instantly).

Select three words that are in the vocabulary section. Write a definition (in your own words) and put the new vocabulary into a sentence.

1.Microorganisms- An organism that can’t be seen with a human eye
2. Encase- To chose something else like a bottle in a glass to preserve it.
3.Extract-To take something like juice out of a pineapple.

Article Comprehension
  1. What is the name of the protein that helps slow down the ice cream melting process? How does it work?
The product is Bsia. That is what helps the ice-cream not melt for a long time.

  1. What are some of the other benefits of using the protein?
The benefits of this product are that you can leave the ice-cream for a long time and it won't melt.
  1. Where can the Bacillus subsists be found? How does the author know it is safe for humans?
The Subsist can be found anywhere-in the water the air and even in on the ground. The scientists have extensively tested the product therefore know that it is safe for humans
Critical Thinking Challenge
Can you think of any other foods that this protein would be useful for?
Chocolate,jelly and ice-blocks.

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