Friday, September 4, 2015

Awarua The Taniwha

Awarua The Taniwha of Porirua

Have you ever wondered why Mana islands hill is so flat. Or have you wondered how Awarua the taniwha learnt to fly. This is the Maori legend of why the hill is so flat and how the taniwha learnt to glide through the air. The story starts with a taniwha named Awarua. Awarua wished he could fly. Rereroa was a close friend of the taniwha. Awarua would watch Rereroa fly through the sky and wished that he could do the same. Awarua was ashamed of his little and weak wings. One day Awarua asked Rereroa to teach him how to fly. Rereroa tried to get out of it but had no choice but to give in.

On the first day of flying practice Awarua was nervous but really exited. Rereroa slowly began to flap her wings. Awarua found it hard to keep up and by the time they got back she was ready to collapse. Rereroa glided to sea level and picked up two stones. She placed them on Awarua’s wings like weights to strengthen her wings. Awarua’s training went on for weeks. Awarua believed he can fly.. Awarua began to fly. She was gaining speed. But she wasn't fast enough to get over the hill. Awarua landed and went straight back into the air.

When she was flying she crashed into mana island taking the top right off of it. this is why mana island is so flat and that is also how Awarua the taniwha learnt to fly. Proving that anything is possible.