Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kupe And The Giant Wheke

Kupe And The Giant Wheke

Have you ever wondered how Aotearoa was found? This is a Maori myth to explain this mystery. It’s about a Chief and fisherman who fed his tribe and catches lots of fish. He has the ability to perform magic spells Kupe was fishing at his favourite fishing place. On average he catches about 15 fish with some of his tribe but today he caught nothing. In fact the only thing on his line was a bit of slime. But not just any slime it was octopus slime. At his village Kupe told his tribe the story. Kupe’s tribe were disappointed and Hungry.

 Kupe recognized the slime and realized that the octopus  slime belonged to a Chief named muturangi’s pet octopus Wheke. Kupe asked the Chief to stop Wheke but the Chief refused. Kupe declared war on the Chief saying that he will do anything to feed his tribe and so he would kill Muturangi.

Kupe and his warriors made a waka and chased the Wheke through the Pacific ocean. Kupe cast a spell on the Wheke so that he could not hide deep part of the ocean the chase went on for weeks. Through those weeks Kupe found new bits of land. Kupe chased the Wheke into a dead end and killed it. The eyes of Te Wheke were placed on a rock nearby which is now known as Nga Whatu.

 So that is how Aotearoa was found. The tribe gathered some supplies and they all lived in Aotearoa.

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