Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dogo News

Article Comprehension: I think this article is about an ice festival.

  1. How many years is the Harbin Ice And Snow festival celebrating? What are the three sections of the Festival? What is unique about each of them?
Answer: The Harbin ice and snow festival is celebrating it’s 31st year.The three sections are, the Sun island Acenic with lots of of big creations, the Ice and snow world which features life-like buildings, the last section is the Zhaolin Park which is for children and features fun sections.

  1. What are some of the unique sculptures in store for visitors this year?
Answer: The unique items are a life-size steam train with snowy smoke coming from it’s smoke area. A giant fish sculpture and an ice maze and a giant snow globe that you can go inside.

  1. How did the festival start? Why did the city have to take a 10-year break? Why is Harbin known as 'Ice City?'

Answer: The festival started in 1999 when 11 couples came from China,Egypt and Russia braved in a minus temperature for a chance to tie a knot in the festival. In 1963 the residents made up a garden day until there was a decade-long cultural revolution happened which stopped all events for ten years. Harbin is named Ice city because of it’s minus temperatures in January which go about-13*F to about 25*F.

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