Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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The Health Of Our Ocean
In a couple hundred years you will never need to imagine our world underwater. Why? Because if we don’t do anything it will. In a few centuries our great grandchildren's head will be underwater. Is this what we want ?. The future of earth depends on people like us to help the health of the ocean to come back to normal standards. Do you want to help those kids who aren't born yet? If we don’t help our houses  will become canoes, and  our beautiful lands will be gulped up by the ocean. Pollution is something that is destroying our oceans.       

Pollination is where we are littering our rubbish into our ocean there for our sea is dirty and being ruined. Pollution is a very big thing that our oceans are endangered by. The way pollution is bad is that most of the stuff we put into the bin,toilets and sink is going into the sea and lots of the stuff has vinegar in it. The vinegar has acid in it which dissolving shells. The sea life who require shells for their safety are going to die sooner or later. This means no more sea food.

Acid is endangering nearly all of our sea life. Acid is dissolving sea creatures shells which means no more sea food. Is that what we really want for our sea life? The only couple of ways to fix this are to stop putting vinegar in stuff. Or we dump rubbish somewhere else. Neither of these ideas are ideal but if we want to save our ocean it’s got to be done. Fish don’t deserve this they have done nothing wrong.

The third problem is that the heat is rising and the problem with that is is the amount of ice melting is increasing. The ice melting means more water is dropping into the ocean. The water rising will only make a big difference in a couple hundred years. But at the moment it is still making an impact. Another reason global warming is a problem is because it is causing heat waves. There was a recent heat wave in India.

So there are three thing that are causing our oceans to suffer, pollution,acid and global warming. If we don’t do anything soon things will just get worse. Pollution was not a problem when we didn't burn stuff and we were more careful With oil and not spilling it. Global warming is a big problem for us. Would you like to live life underwater? Just think about all the babies who can’t swim, they would drown

By Josh Bishop   


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