Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rio clean up

Bloomberg News: Term 2, Week 6

Rio Races To Clean Up This Sea Of Trash Before The Olympics

LI: I will select and uses a range of processing and comprehension strategies with growing understanding and confidence.


This article is about rubbish in Rio

Article Comprehension

1. Why was an Austrian sailor worried about sailing in next year’s Olympics?

An Austrian sailor was worried because thousands of pieces of garbage in the water in Rio were the next olympics is.

2. What is local rowing coach Fabio Araujo worried about when taking on new students?

Fabio Araujo is worried about taking on new students because he doesn't want to disappoint them with not racing

3. Did you think it was likely or possible that Rio would have got all the affected waterways cleaned up in time? Why do you think they pledged / promised this?

I think that it is unlikely but possible that rio will clean up the trash in time. Rio promised that they will clean it up so they can still hold the olympics

Critical Thinking Challenge:

What are some things, the Government of Brazil could do to help with the pollution in   Rio?

The Brazil Government could help by asking for other countries and cities to help.

Rio need to clean up to hold the olympics

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