Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Mum

Dear Mum,

Hi Mum,

I desperately need a pet tiger.

If I would have a tiger the house would never be robbed. Robbers would be scared out of their socks just looking at him. Plus if a robber were to keep going he(or she)would get eaten. It would be on the news TIGER EATS MAN. People would never won’t to rob us again. I will also train it so it ONLY eats people that try to break into our house.

If I had a pet tiger it would keep me company and it would play with me and if I didn't get a pet tiger life wouldn't be worth living. It would break my heart, burn my soul so please I need a tiger.

Unlike cats and dogs I would train my tiger to walk itself. I’d train it to know where it lives, give it a SAFE walking root keeping it out of people's sight. Mum did you know that tigers are extremely intelligent. I would choke and cry without a pet tiger.

So mum you must agree with me. I NEED that pet if I don’t get it would rip my heart open. So please please PLEASE let me have a pet tiger.

From your desperate son,

P.S tigers are $50 only for this week though!

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